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Are you looking for an opportunity that fits your skills, objectives, and goals? HALO Staffing is committed to matching your talents with employers that can help you achieve career success. We are your partners in making sure that you get connected to the employment opportunity that is right for you.

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Hiring the right people is essential to your company. You want a team that has the competencies, behaviors, and motivation that fit your team’s culture. HALO Staffing is committed to a strong partnership with you. It’s our top priority. We are dedicated to helping you find the right staff to push your business to success.

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Medical Staffing Solutions

Our Medical Staffing Division specializes in understanding the operations of the medical industry and provides the best talent to ensure our clients' success.

Our niche-focus includes Patient Access, Revenue Cycle, Case Management, Health Information Technology, Insurance, Medical Groups/IPA’s, and Physician Offices. We have a large network of professionals who count on our expertise in these areas to reach their individual and company goals.

Our recruitment system includes medical testing, background and health screening, along with on-going coaching and training. This makes for the highest employee retention and client satisfaction in the healthcare staffing industry. Our commitment is to stay current on the needs and changes affecting today's healthcare facilities and providers alike.

  • Front Office, Registration, Scheduling and Customer Service
  • Medical Billers, Collectors, Coders, Auditors, Credentialing and Contracting
  • Enrollment Specialist, Intake, Claims Examiners
  • Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Case Managers
  • Medical Assistants, LV(P)Ns, X-Ray Technicians
  • Healthcare Management, Directors and Executives

Total Staffing Solutions

Our extensive experience allows for top-notch recruitment across many verticals and our ability to find the best talent is unmatched in the staffing industry. Our client partners can rely on our ability to quickly understand their unique position, and apply our expertise.

In addition, our services allows optimal flexibility including short term, long term, or permanent placements.

  • Receptionists, Customer Service and Clerks
  • Administrative and Executive Assistants
  • Human Resources and Recruitment Specialists
  • Sales and Marketing Representatives
  • Accounting and Financial Professionals
  • Managers and Executives

We Really Love People!

We believe everyone should have a great opportunity to succeed in their career. Our mission is to light the way for our candidates career path, which will reflect on the success of our clients business, with the solid belief that people matter. By connecting the right talent with the right team, we create a recipe for success! We bring value to both individuals and businesses with our system that is geared to drive career growth, satisfaction, and results by matching people with organizations.

We Care About Your Success

  • I met my recruiter and by the next week I had a great position in my field! Not only is the pay competitive but the work environment is wonderful as well. I highly recommend that any of my friends in the medical field use Halo Staffing located in Huntington Beach!

    Lisa V

  • They were so quick and professional. My recruiter is the best! Not only did she get me the position that I wanted. She got the wage that I wanted! Located in the perfect location. Job is perfect for my situation and she made sure she kept in touch with me. 100% recommend.

    Christine B

  • My recruiter is the best and is always there to answer my questions. She is a professional recruiter and is always willing to help. She has hired many people into permanent jobs. I decided to take a risk on leaving a permanent job since I trust her. Overall a great person with the best intentions . I love my job, thanks Halo!

    Jacqueline A

  • They helped me land the interview with my dream company, and my recruiter went as far to make sure I had the right color scrub for my first week! Thank you!

    Erik Y

  • My recruiter is amazing! Within a day 1/2 I was already set with an interview with the exact type of employment I was looking for!! Most definitely recommending Halo Staffing!

    Yajaira M

  • My recruiter is awesome! She really went out of her way to get me a temp job and I love it here at my new job. Thanks! I would highly recommend her and Halo staffing for job placement services.

    Cynthia A

  • They were amazing! My recruiter helped me and she got me the job I wanted in the location I wanted and at the rate that I needed. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

    Romina Q

  • Working with this agency was the easiest ever. My recruiter was amazing. I had an interview with her the was about getting to know me and my skills. She placed me immediately. I recommend anyone looking for a position in the Medical field to use this agency. Halo Staffing is angelic!

    Flaudie H

  • Great company! My recruiter got me the job I wanted the same day as my interview and the rate I needed. She’s always been helpful and always quick and welcoming to answering my questions.

    Bri C

  • My recruiters are very awesome! Definitely a great company to go for help! They are amazing got me the job and the location is excellent!

    Berenice G

We Love Putting The Right People Together!

Employers and employees should fit together like a puzzle—matching the right people for the right spot on the team! The team at Halo Staffing is committed to making sure that we find the right fit for you. From interviews to background checks, we ensure that your business’ future is always a top priority for us and we are dedicated to making sure we are doing our part in providing you with top talent.

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